Airbrush Kits & I Gave My Truck An Air Brush Paint Job With A $19 Harbor Freight Paint Gun

To show you to get you started and to get you feeling comfortable on this bad boy iwata airbrush kit, so let’s go airbrush foundation.First things first, you gotta take it out, this air brush that I have in the link below in the description comes with three different tip sizes a point five of point three and point to of course that means the different size and a point three is in it, so that’s all you need you’ll need to worry about those others just yet, now that wasn’t tip number one tip number one.Is you have to have a way to blow the air, you could probably put your mouth right here and blow and you might get something.But you probably want to get an air compressor and a hose.So I have this brand new air compressor I just bought this yesterday, I’m just kidding, I’ve had like ten years really so you can get one of these portable air compressors, or I have a bigger one right here that I bought I just bought this one yesterday too I was a kid, I’ve had this one even longer, but you need some sort whoops.Dropped a cup, she needs some sort of air compressor and a hose, so I’ve got this curly hose and I’ve got this braided hose whichever one you like whatever comes with your air compressor is fine, it’s no big deal, and most of them come with these little. Hooker owners things and I also have a description to an air compressor in the link in the description along with the air compressor you’ll need a regular the little ones have one built-in with the knob and the gauge and if you’re using a bigger stand up air compressor you’ll need to get a regulator I like to set my air pressure between twenty and thirty PS I somewhere around there you just have to feel the air pressure and just get a feel for it, sometimes the gauges aren’t exactly right and this doesn’t really matter.To be exact, you just got to get the feel for it now you’ll also want some sort of water trap, this one hooks on between your air hose and your air brush and I like this one that hooks onto your big air compressor, this one works much better, this one, not so much you release the water with the button right here, this one you only usually have to mess with you’re not gonna get that much water, you should usually next you gotta find something to put in there.So you can paint I use regular automotive base coats urethane create X water base illustration and the wicked line when you’re using this you’re definitely gonna have to get the 4030 every mix you put in your cup, you want to put three to five drops of this helps for flow and adhesion, or you can use alcohol inks straight from the bottle, which is what we’re gonna do today, so now that youve selected what kind of paint you’re gonna use it, hey, what are you doing not for me.Let’s use blue then let’s put some in and do some spray in goop, this brings me to my next step always put the caps on things if they have caps just like your paints to keep them from drying out and more importantly, this is very important.Because when you get to go in. this stuff will split around out there and ruin whatever you just did now that you got your pain in here, let’s show you how to get out of there, now this might be a common sense but sometimes it’s not this is called a double action air brush what that means is down.Gives you your air and pull him back makes the paint come out, see watch.You sit on the camera.Hey, you go, this rolls right into the next tip is what somebody once told me a long time ago they keep the phrase keep the air on dummy, they were super loving so what that means is every time you’re wanting to pull the trigger back, you keep the air on whether you’re back or not, that will keep you from clogging up the tip aeronaut always before you pull back otherwise, if you pull back and then hit the air.It gives you spiders now, sometimes you want to do that and that’s a cool trick to remember but it makes a mess, sometimes on your tip, there, can you see that see I got some blue building up right there from that so.Keep thereon dummy speaking a tip, sometimes it will get clogged up and you won’t take this first part off right here, sometimes I like to air brush with this on off you gotta be careful because if you bend this, you pretty much can’t really paint anything you have to get another needle or needle sharpener which I’ll put a link to a needle sharpener, below is coming in handy and saved a lot of time for me having to go buy another needle cause you see how tiny and sharp, they are.And look at that thing, so I like to take a micro fiber cloth and just put it on there and kind of give a little gentle gentle because the needle will bend and you don’t want that pick, that little stuff off and you’re probably good to go again, now that you’re loaded up and ready to spray and you know how to make the spray come out, we’re gonna talk about distance.Near five near five.Just kidding, obviously the closer you are and the more you pull the trigger back little bit.A lot of it, whoa, did you see that and the back further you are, the more.Subtle, it is and the harder you have to pull the trigger to get there, I’m way back here now.Look close. Barely pulling the trigger back and you want to practice some lines and we’ll cover that in another video, I’ll give you three tricks or practices that you can do to help improve your lawn work and your control so shading withdraw ball.The highlight shadow see I’m backing up pulling trigger back closer for tight lines.Of course I’m doing one handed that brings me to my next tip the next tip is technique, most of the time you’re gonna wanna hold with two hands, two hands is the best technique, um, if you have two hands, if you don’t.Then just use one cause we a listen, we don’t discriminate around here, if you have one hand, just use it, but if you have to use it what I like to do is hold it like a pencil, you know, so if you hold a pencil like this you’re gonna hold your air brush like this pretty much the same same thing and you can do one handed if you like but the best way is to kind of rest your hand here and have your arms on something or you can just float in the air, but the two hand technique is the best for control, especially if you just start now and you’re gonna wanna look right here a line of sight, you can hold like this.Which I like finger resting there the rest of it’s resting on the front of my fingers in my hand, thumb is just helping to steady myself, or you can just grab it like you’re trying to keep choke it and do it like that, but I usually tend to kind of give a little little general balance there and now we’re done so. What do you do when you’re done, you clean it out and that’s our last tip and very important actually, if you want to keep this thing working because just leave it overnight and don’t clean out and you’ll probably have to do some major taken apart and re-clean them, and I’ll show you that if I get a request for it in another video alright, so we’ve got one more tip left to get you started on your way to air brush, but first I wanted to give something away and Tom thumb glitters was so generous enough to send all these glitters then I’m gonna give away to one person and how you enter to that is you just leave a comment below and say I want some glitter or anything funny or cool with the word glitter in it and you’re gonna win all this beautiful doesn’t smell like anything but its glitter and their blends and there’s awesome things, so go check out Tom thumb glitters Etsy shop, the link is right here and for you.Losers, I mean the ones that don’t win a she is also giving you guys a promo code woo get 10% off by putting a dunkin’ ab ten at her Etsy shop how generous is that, that’s the spirit of the holidays, merry Christmas, now back to the air brushing.Last tip number ten and then you’re done just start air brushing.For this I brought you over to you, old trash bag, now if you get paint on this you’re gonna want to clean that to depend on what type of paint you’re using depends on what you clean it with with the create X you’re going to just use the reduce or or you can use what I like to do is when X with ammonia, but for this we’re gonna use.You guessed it a key how so spray out dump it, if you’d like an arrow trigger back spray.And if you have stuff on your lid put it on turn the arrow and give it a good shake and spray, take your lid off clean it with your micro fiber cloth dump this and spray at the same time pull back do it again dump and spray then take your micro fiber cloth and give it a good clean.Now, if you notice there’s some blue paint still in there then you’re gonna wanna take your alcohol put some in the bottom take one of your brushes, hus pug e so give it a little, then dry it off on your rag and spray do that a few times to its good and clean and then we’re gonna sit.

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